groups a team of lawyers
advising, supporting and defending their clients
on transactions, regulations and stock markets litigations
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Our expertise is mainly dedicated to listed companies (regulated markets, MTFs and OTFs), their management (CEO, Comex) as well as their legal and investors relations departments. We can advise and assist them on their administrative paperwork with the AMF, during any market event impacting their securities and more largely, on any matter relating to stock markets regulations: MAR and prevention of market abuses, transparency and financial communication as well as on the implementation of AMF’s (French stock market regulator) and ESMA’s guidelines. We can also assist corporates’ Boards (Board of Directors or Supervisory Boards) and their independents members individually, on any matters regarding managers compensations (say on pay etc…) or on the occasion of market transactions requiring the approval of the BoD. More generally, we protect our clients’ interests in the framework of markets transactions and takeover battles: cash tender offers, exchange offers, squeeze-out processes, AMF’s visa on prospectus, securities issuances, IPOs, blocks trades etc. We can also work on anti-takeover measures or defensives shareholders agreements. Moreover, we can assist financial services providers and other regulated professionals (Financial Investment Advisor (FIA)) for their registration procedure and for compliance matters. Our experience includes the defense of professionals and non-professionals (listed companies, shareholders and managers) in the event of administrative inquiries, controls and AMF’s sanction procedures.

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